Private Investigation in Colombia

Do you Need Private a Private Investigation in Colombia?

Map ColombiaMany clients that call me are in search of a private investigation in Colombia. Colombia is a country with approximately 46,000,000 people. It is a vast country that has major metropolitan areas in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and Cartegna. Travel in Colombia is challenging as there are long distances between these metropolitan areas. Most of our clients are interested in background information and surveillance. We are headquartered in Medellin and getting to these other locations require additional expenses for travel. Since it is both difficult and dangerous to travel by road, it is preferable to travel by air. Once there we must secure ground transportation and lodging. Most cases take any where between 3 to 10 days.

Obtaining Background Information in Colombia

helpDue to the ongoing political conflict here, the collecting of personal information requires unique and novel approaches to obtain. Te government is reluctant to give information on its citizens without a good reason. Most cases require the request for such information to come from a court or an attorney.  The National Registry is available but we need to know specific information. For example; complete name including both last names; date of birth; passport or identification number; as well as any other bio information that you may possess.

Surveillance and Private Investigation in Colombia

Medellin womenCulturally, Colombians are very suspicious and keenly aware of their surroundings. If they spot something out of place in their neighborhood they take remedial steps to insure their privacy and safety. Understandably so due to the ever present threat of violence in this country. Most surveillance’s we conduct are domestic in nature.  The most common is in relation with women who have been met via on-line dating services. Others are women that have been met while visiting and subsequent romantic relationships. Most women here are seeking a better life. Many have the misconception that ALL American men are independently wealthy and immediately start with the asking of money and or other economic assistance. This is a big red flag and should serve as a warning that she is not after you for your “good looks”. We have vast experience with this and suggest you call Cody Gear at 321-218-9209 for more information. We also have offices throughout Central and South America. Go to our Facebook to see some more relevant articles about the Americas and specifically Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a favorite with the Colombian women, especially those in the sex business.



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